Our love of racing is shown whenever you see the CKT Family at a karting event.

With all the traveling Jim has done, he will be the first to tell you that we have met some of the most wonderful people through this sport. We have friendships and stories from racing that will last forever.

Or family has had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the sport and amongst other racing teams and drivers. Jim, as always, is working in the field that he loves and enjoys so much.

With the love and support of his family, friends and customers, Jim and CKT have always been able to prevail.

Through dedication and determination Jim has been able to attain multiple World Championships, National Championships and Grand National Championships for his customers.

Phyllis continues to work at the independent school for gifted children inPalatine,Illinois. She has been there for about 12 ½ years and has enjoyed each and every moment. It is such a gift to watch small children come into the school and when they leave, know that they are so prepared for their next step in life.

Our daughter Jamie and our son-in-law Josh currently reside in Alta Loma,California. They moved there right after their wedding in 2005. Jamie is teaching kindergarten for half of the day and then spends the other part of her day as an administrator. She immensely enjoys the best of two worlds. Recently, Josh got promoted to Vice President of Racing Administration for NHRA. We feel very fortunate that they are enjoying their life inCalifornia.

JD moved into Marklund at Mill Creak, located inGeneva,Illinoisin January 2010. We are so fortunate that JD got into this residential facility. It is located on 96 acres and it has become his second family along with Jim and Phyllis. Since moving there, he has made wonderful strides; having therapy of all types, developmental training, social outings and being with such wonderful staff members. He is also a member of Achilles International and along with his guide, has entered many 5K races. We often laugh as he sits back and enjoys the ride while his guide has to do the pushing. In October 2010, he had the opportunity to be in the Chicago Marathon and participated in the Charity Mile!

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