Our Student Workshops at CKT Racing Engines are tools for our customers to help put them ahead of the rest of the pack. Quick lap times are achieved through understanding the working capabilities of the different components of your equipment.

As a driver, you should know how to setup your carburetor for optimum performance. When should your clutch engage to get maximum horsepower to the ground? Often overlooked, chassis setup is one of the main components between going home with a trophy or just going home at the end of a weekend.

The classes that we offer will address these issues and more. All classes are held on Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m.


Introduction to Karting

This workshop is designed to introduce new people to the best kept secret in motorsports – Kart Racing! In an informal setting questions will be answered such as: where do you race; how much does it cost; how safe is kart racing; and more. There is no charge for this workshop.


Engine Clutch

Learn how to rebuild your clutch and set it up to win races. Preventative maintenance techniques taught here will help keep your clutch in reliable condition. In addition, we will discuss the advantages of clutch blueprinting. There is a fee for this workshop.


Chassis Setup

Having a proper chassis setup is another one of the key ingredients to put you in the winner’s circle. This workshop will help you understand how your chassis works so that you are able to optimize its handling characteristics for every track you race on. Common questions answered in this workshop are: what is caster and camber and what should they be set at; how important is tire size and compound and what are my options; should my steering geometry by toe-in or toe-out; and more. There is a fee for this workshop.


Track Procedure

If you are new to karting or just can’t seem to get results from your time at the track, this workshop is for you. Each track you race on has their own schedule for opening in the morning, registration, practice sessions, and racing. How should you manage your time at the track to get the most results without wearing out your engine and tires to the point were you are actually going slower with every lap you take? Racing should be a learning experience. This workshop will show you how to manage your time so that you are able to learn from your experience and go faster your next time out. There is a fee for this workshop.


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